Monthly Archives: April 2014

New Genius Device Simulator Release

There was a new release of the Genius Device Simulator on March 22, 2014 as part of Cogenda’s Visual TCAD suite of tools. From their website:

  • Density-Gradient Model for inversion layer in MOSFET’s
  • Schur-complement numerical solver for Device Circuit Simulation
  • Improved impact-ionization model
  • Self-consistent gate tunneling current mode
  • Mobility and other material property models which matches with another popular TCAD tool
  • 3D analysis of satellite internal-charging problem.
  • minor features and bug fixes

This is their first release of a public update in over a year. I’m looking forward to their update of their open source version of their project at

TCAD Software Job

Sandia National Labs is looking for a TCAD software engineer who is a US citizen and is able to get a security clearance.  From their description:

We have an immediate technical staff opening for a semiconductor device modeling software developer with expertise in scientific programming for high performance computing.  The position emphasizes algorithm design and enhancement to extend the capabilities and increase the efficiency of our large scale, parallel, drift-diffusion solver, which is a C++/object oriented program.  The successful candidate will be part of a team of computational scientists and semiconductor device physicists.  Additionally, the position requires extensive interaction with experimental and theoretical physicists and research engineers working on characterizing radiation effects in microelectronic devices and the resulting changes to circuit performance.

I was aware that they had a software named Charon, which leveraged a commercial tool. It looks like they may be developing their own replacement. A quick google search revealed a mailing list for their git archives of the tool. It appears the tool has been in development at least since January 2012.