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Solving for magnetic fields in DEVSIM.

This past week I’ve been experimenting with solving magnetic field problems. Here is my first result. Two wires are in the center of the figure with current flowing in opposite directions. The solution variable is the magnetic vector potential, A, and is shown in the color gradient. The arrows are the magnetic field, B, which is post processed from the solution. In turns out this post processing is similar to finding the vector impedance field used in noise analysis.


What is DEVSIM?

DEVSIM is the name of a project I’ve created to write my own semiconductor device simulator. It is written from scratch and is based on my experience writing and using TCAD software.

Even though many of the principles behind such a software are decades old, I feel there is a market. This is evidenced by a whole lot of TCAD software startups popping up on the web for the past few years.

So now I am trying to find my niche in this market. In future postings I will share more about some novel aspects to my approach.

Anyway, feel free to stop on by and say hello.  I leave you with a baby picture from the simulator.