Solving for magnetic fields in DEVSIM.

This past week I’ve been experimenting with solving magnetic field problems. Here is my first result. Two wires are in the center of the figure with current flowing in opposite directions. The solution variable is the magnetic vector potential, A, and is shown in the color gradient. The arrows are the magnetic field, B, which is post processed from the solution. In turns out this post processing is similar to finding the vector impedance field used in noise analysis.


Writing documentation

Nothing more fun than writing documentation. Of course, no one can use your software if you don’t provide instructions. Contrary to what many software developers believe, providing an example is not the same as providing documentation.

Happy New Years

2008 was a fun year. I made a lot of progress with the simulator, adding 2d and 3d device simulation.

Hoping to share more with all of you soon.

gmsh for 2d mosfet

Here is a 2d mosfet meshed with Gmsh and loaded into DEVSIM. Note that this is the same structure and doping which was originally shown here in my first post.

It just looks a lot better having used a nicer meshing tool than the one built into the software.

As before, the red areas are the electron concentration.