First 3d result

3d diode

3d diode

Turns out Gmsh was an excellent choice for a mesher.  It is a very usable tool for creating structures  Almost reminds me of mdraw.

The result is a 3d (quasi-1d) diode structure.  The spot in the middle is the magnitude of the electric field.  Visualization is done in Paraview.

3d simulation

Mulling over the importance of 3d simulation.  I’m by no means a meshing expert.  Looking for third party tools to create tetrahedral meshes.  As of now gmsh seems to look promising.

What is DEVSIM?

DEVSIM is the name of a project I’ve created to write my own semiconductor device simulator. It is written from scratch and is based on my experience writing and using TCAD software.

Even though many of the principles behind such a software are decades old, I feel there is a market. This is evidenced by a whole lot of TCAD software startups popping up on the web for the past few years.

So now I am trying to find my niche in this market. In future postings I will share more about some novel aspects to my approach.

Anyway, feel free to stop on by and say hello.  I leave you with a baby picture from the simulator.