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Coventor SEMulator3D 7.0

EE Journal has an overview of new features Coventor SEMulator3D 7.0. Which incorporates new simulation and meshing capabilities.

They discuss new RC extraction for circuit simulation. In addition, they also discuss new 3D meshing export, as well as a built-in TCAD device simulation feature.

Genius Device Simulator new release July 2015

Cogenda has a new device simulator release. Features include:

  • New solver for Total-Ionizing Dose (TID) effect.
  • Support simulation of x-ray pulse (dose-rate) effect.
  • Updated material models: diamond, 4H-SiC, GaAsSb, GaP, etc.
  • New VTK data structure to store field values on both sides of an interface in VTK files.
  • Support trap and other customer field definition in TIF files.
  • Added cylindrical mesh generator for modeling devices such as particle detectors.
  • Import several TIF mesh files at a time.
  • and they seem to have incorporated some bug fixes into their simulator. More info is available at

    New Genius Device Simulator Release

    There was a new release of the Genius Device Simulator on March 22, 2014 as part of Cogenda’s Visual TCAD suite of tools. From their website:

    • Density-Gradient Model for inversion layer in MOSFET’s
    • Schur-complement numerical solver for Device Circuit Simulation
    • Improved impact-ionization model
    • Self-consistent gate tunneling current mode
    • Mobility and other material property models which matches with another popular TCAD tool
    • 3D analysis of satellite internal-charging problem.
    • minor features and bug fixes

    This is their first release of a public update in over a year. I’m looking forward to their update of their open source version of their project at